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Zone Bowling Boronia
125 Boronia Road, Boronia,
Vic, 3155

Phone: (03) 9762-7666

Email: Bowlers World

Melbourne - Australia GMT+1100
Daylight Saving Time - Oct - March

Monday 10am - 7pm
(Every Second Week)

Tuesday 10am - 7pm

Wednesday - Friday 10am - 7pm

Saturday 9am - 2pm.
(Every Second Week)


Manufacturers Websites - Columbia - Brunswick - Dexter - Ebonite - Mongoose - Motiv - Powerhouse - Robby's - Storm - Turbo - Vise
Adjustable Wrist Positioners
Robby's Rev I (LH & RH)
Robby's Rev II (LH & RH)

The Robby’s Revs I features extended finger support that provides maximum power for oilier lane conditions. Lateral adjustments allow your hand to be in position to alter the amount of forward roll and spin on the ball. Four forward wrist-cup positions allow for rev control.

Robby’s Revs I is available for right or left hand, in small,
medium, large and extra-large.

Click for sizing chart.

The Robby’s Revs II features a shorter design to provide medium power for light to medium lane oil conditions. Lateral adjustments allow your hand to be in position to alter the amount of forward roll and spin on the ball. Four forward wrist-cup positions allow for rev control.

Robby’s Revs II is available for right or left hand, in small,
medium, large and extra-large.

Click for sizing chart.

Storm C4 Wrist Brace (LH & RH) NEW
Storm Universal Wrist Brace LH or RH NEW

The C4 Wrist Brace is in a class of its own. The ultimate in wrist support has just got even better with a single switch that allows the user to change the amount of cup and lateral wrist angle in no time flat. The removable hand and wrist pads are designed to be washed, and ultimately replaced if need be.

C2 also available in RH & LH

With a sturdy and adjustable design, the Universal Glove can be adjusted for either hand. We've made spare shooting easy with this innovative design. Just press the silver button to release the cupping mechanism and flatten the wrist back as far as possible, allowing for a much straighter shot to your spares.
Storm Gizmo (LH & RH)
Brunswick Powercoil (LH & RH) (Order only)


  • Durable Construction
  • Spring Loaded with Adjustable Dial for Fine Tuning
  • Foam Rubber Liner
  • Adjustable Strap with Quick Release Latch
  • Black
  • Sizes: Right hand & left hand, small, medium, large, extra large.



Rev up your game with the Brunswick PowrKoil™ wrist positioner

  • Feather-light, durable aluminum construction
  • Lateral adjustments position the hand for changing the side roll and rotation
  • Adjusting screw allows fine-tuning of the forward wrist cup positions for rev control
  • Extended finger support creates more power to overcome the lane conditions
Wrist Supports
Mongoose Lifter (RH & LH)
Storm Xtra-Roll (RH & LH)
  • Designed for a consistent roll and better lift through proper thumb release
  • Induces fingers to do the work.
  • Provides proper wrist support.
  • Lightweight, cool, comfortable, and washable drip-dry.
  • Keeps the little finger tucked in as recommended by many professional bowlers.
  • Easy Fasten straps make for easy adjustment and fast removal and placement of the mongoose.
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large - RH / LH


  • Ensures proper hand positioning for more consistency and roll
  • Provides proper wrist support
  • Outstanding comfort and durability
  • Velcro straps for easy adjustment
  • Fast removal for spare shooting
  • Colour: Black
  • Sizes: Medium, Large
Robby's Leather Original (RH & LH)
Robby's Leather Plus (RH & LH)



The ultimate in durability and comfort. Robby’s Leather Original has all the outstanding features of the Vinyl Original, with all the benefits that only leather provides. Increased durability means more strikes for your money. The soft feel of these leather supports almost feels like a second skin, so you can concentrate on what’s in your hand instead of what’s on it.

Right or left hand available in petite, small, medium, large and extra-large sizes.



Robby’s Leather Plus has all the outstanding features of Robby’s Leather Original plus a straight metal support that is even longer. The added length and strength ensures a straight forearm with added support that translates into an even stronger release position.

Right or left hand available in petite, small, medium, large
and extra-large sizes.

Robby's Coolmax (RH & LH)
Robby's Coolmax Plus (RH & LH)

Cool comfort wins, hands down. Here’s the Robby’s Cool-Max featuring a remarkable fabric that’s like a personal air conditioner. It actually draws moisture away from the hand so the heat of performance pressure won’t keep you from a spectacular score.

Choose from black; black and blue; or black and pink.
Right or left hand available in petite, small, medium, large and extra-large sizes.



The fast-drying Cool-Max Plus provides the superior, patented metal support of all Robby’s Originals, with the added assurance of dryness and comfort that can offer a competitive edge. The Cool-Max Plus combines the benefits of Robby’s Cool-Max with the longer, firmer design of Robby’s Plus.

Choose from black; black and blue; or black and pink.
Right or left hand available in petite, small, medium, large and extra-large sizes.

Gloves & Wristgloves
Turbo Grip It & Rip It Glove (RH & LH) NEW
Ebonite React/R Glove (LH & RH) (Order only)

Textured palm material provides more contact with the surface of the ball increasing hand rotation on release and revs down lane for enhanced performance.

  • Colors: Electric Blue, Green, Orange and Pink
  • Sizes: Right or Left Hand: S, M, L, XL & XXL

The #1 glove in bowling gives you complete control throughout your entire swing and helps prevent painful calluses on the hand and outside fingers.
  • Special gripping compound for better control
  • Leather palm and fingers
  • Easy to remove between frames
  • Sizes - Available for Right and Left hand in XS,S,M,L,XL and XXL.
Brunswick Grip All Glove (LH & RH)
Storm Xtra Grip Glove (LH & RH)
  • Unique styling allows bowlers to “hit a home run” on the lanes
  • Textured palm provides more contact with the surface of the bowling ball allowing additional lift, turn, and revolutions to yield better scores
  • Velcro strap closure provides a secure fit yet allows easy removal between frames
  • Color: Blue/Black
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL & XXL
  • The Xtra Grip glove features a super-tacky material that provides a barrier between the ball and the bowler’s skin which enables a better grip on the ball. Thin and breathable, it is flexible and very bowler friendly.
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL & XXL RH & LH

Ebonite Pro Form Positioner (Order only)
Columbia 300 Pro Wristglove (LH & RH)
The glove that combines everything you are looking for: support, comfort, durability and style.
  • Padded steel backhand support system for consistent wrist position
  • Heavy-duty gripping compound to increase contact with ball for added control
  • Supple, top grade leather glove for durability
  • Wavy spandex finger gussets and glove back stretch for perfect fit and breathability
  • 3 1/2” elastic, hook-and-loop wristband for increased support of the tendons in the wrist area
  • Right & Left hand



This glove's a favorite! It goes beyond the call for control and support. When you're deep in action, you'll appreciate the metal wrist support, elastic wrist cuff, rubber fingers and two-way spandex finger gussets. The adjustable reinforced wrist closure helps put it over the top. The workmanship is superior. And it looks great, especially with our logo accent. In genuine leather.

  • Available for left- or right-handed bowlers.
  • Sizes. S, M, L, XL, 2XL
  • Colours: Blue/Black, Red/Black


General Accessories
Master - Surface Maintenance Kit
Innovative Personal Ball Revivor 220V

A must have kit for every bowler serious about the maintenance of their bowling balls.

Package Includes:

  • Revolver Ball Ring
  • Surface Master Cup
  • Removable Soft Touch Knob
  • Reversible Bonnet
  • Abralon Pads, 500 & 2,000 grit
  • Ball Maintenance Log to track your equipment
  • Instruction Guide on how to use the Surface Master™ to get the desired results.
  • Extra pads are available for purchase seperately from us.

    (Watch Video)


  • Now available in a 220V version for Australia.
    The Personal Bowling Ball Revivor is a simplified version of the professional proshop model the Revivor, which I have been using in the proshop for more than a decade.
  • The Personal unit will do 1 ball at a time. The ball will sit staitionary with the heat circulating evenly around the ball for the sole purpose of extracting oil from reactive and proactive bowling ball cover stocks. Drawing out the oil by the use of thermal reaction is a proven method of bringing back the original characteristics of the ball.
  • The Personal Revivor removes the oil with an even, heat pattern so as not to damage the bowling ball. Balls should have the oil extracted approximately every 25 to 30 games, depending on the lane conditions and the level of performance each bowler wishes to maintain.
  • Cost of each ball to de-oil professionally is $20 - 30.00, this unit will pay for itself in 15 balls.

    POA (Call for current pricing) (See Image)
Dexter Replacement Heels
Dexter Replacement Soles

Click on image above for details

These replacement heels are for use with Dexter SST 5, SST 6, SST 7 & SST8 bowling shoes only and can be used on right or left handed shoes.
  • H1 - Red Horseshoe - Most Brake
  • H2 - Ultra Brakz - More Brake
  • H2 - Ripple Rubber - Most Brake
  • H2 - Reversible Ripple Rubber - More Brake
  • H5 - Standard Brake
  • H5 - Tri-Dex Standard Brake
  • H6 - Sawtooth
  • H7 - Red Leather - Little Brake

    Heels and soles are compatable with Brunswick, Hammer, KR Strikeforce, and Storm shoes that have interchangeable soles system.


Click on image above for detailed look at slide and heels.

Click here for
T.H.E 9


Sliding soles are sold in men's size 15 so they can be customized to fit men's sizes 6.5-12/13/14/15 and women's sizes 5-10/11/12.

  • S2 - Brown Microfiber - Least slide
  • S3 - Sawtooth S2 & S4
  • S4 - Red Leather
  • S5 - Sawtooth S4 & S6
  • S6 - White Microfiber
  • S7 - Yellow Leather
  • S8 - White Microfiber
  • S9 - Sawtooth S8 & S10
  • S10 - Grey Felt
  • S11 - Sawtooth S10 & S12 Ice
  • S12 - Ice - Most slide
  • T2 - Rubber Traction sole
  • T3 - Rubber Traction sole
  • T3 - Max Powerstep
  • T.H.E 9 - Has seperate soles
Ebonite Leather Ball Pad
Track Shammy Pad
  • Highly effective oil removing pad
  • Dual Sided high density leather
  • Compact size fits in bowlers hand
  • 8"x 6"

  • Ultimate oil removing pad
  • Leather on both sides
  • Works on all types of bowling balls
  • 8" x 7.5"
Columbia 300 Microfiber Grip Sack
Columbia 300 Pro Towel

The Columbia 300 Microfiber grip sac will absorb moisture from your hand and eliminate any sticky feeling that might hinder performance.



You can use this classy towel anywhere. Soft, long-lasting 100% cotton soaks up the moisture. Its excellent quality will stand up to wear and washing.
Ebonite Heavy Duty Shoe Brush
Ebonite Giant Ultra-Shine See Saw
  • Compact
  • Stores easily
  • Rugged stiff brass bristles are perfect for bringing the sliding soles of bowling shoes back to proper condition to use.
Larger size makes it easier to handle from the locker to the lanes and back again.
Powerhouse Adrenaline Ball Steroid Wipes
Powerhouse Oil Free See Saw


Chemically enhances bowling ball reaction over time without surface adjustments. Improves oil absorption on reactive coverstock. Convenient to store and use. Approved for use during USBC competition.
  • Decreased Length
  • Increased Backend
  • Increased Hook.


The oil-absorbing attributes combined with the cleaning ease of the giant see-saw gives you the ability to quick-clean your ball. *Sewn-in Microfiber design towel absorbs oil and dirt effectively *Fibers hold dirt without spreading it around *Great to carry your ball from your bag to the lanes *Protects ball inside your bag *Long-Lasting *Can be machine washed (do not use fabric softener)
Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish 5oz
Powerhouse Power Wash 5oz


  • Quick, one-step polishing process
  • Contains no silicones or waxes
  • Provides a long-lasting high luster and smooth ball surface
  • For use on all high-performance bowling equipment
  • Length - Increasing Backend - Increasing Overall Hook - No change






  • Removes oil, dirt, and belt marks from the ball's surface
  • Performance enhancing formula that increases backend motion during competition
  • Emulsifiers accelerate oil removal
  • Bio-degradable apple scented formula
  • For use on all high-performance bowling equipment
  • Approved for use during USBC competition
  • Length - no change Backend - increasing Overall Hook - increasing
Powerhouse Clean n Dull 5oz
Neo - Tac Hook-it 6oz (Order only)
  • Removes oil, dirt, and belt marks from the ball's surface.
  • Revives natural tack to the ball surface for ultimate lane gripping power
  • Slower drying gel formula for deep cleaning
  • Bio-degradable lemon/lime scented formula
  • For use on all high-performance bowling equipment
  • Approved for use during USBC competition
  • Length - no change Backend - no change Overal Hook - no change



  • Removes oil, dirt, belt marks from particle, reactive, urethane and plastic ball surfaces
  • Existing ball surface remains unchanged
  • Increases “tac” for greater hook
  • Great for medium to oily lanes
  • Acceptable for use before and after USBC certified competition
Neo-Tac Hook Plus 7oz (Order only)
Neo-Tac Renew-It 6oz (Order only)
  • 2,500 To 3,000 Surface by hand or by spinner.
  • Removes oil dirt and belt marks deep beneath the surface of your bowling ball.

  • Reactivates and restores polished and particle bowling balls by hand or spinner.
  • Removes oil, dirt and beltmarks.
  • Bowling ball stores more energy and creates stronger backend.
  • Restores "tac".
Hammer Tough & Tacky Ball Cleaner 8oz (Order only)
Hammer Remove All Ball Cleaner 8oz
  • Removes oil, dirt and belt marks from ball surface
  • Helps retain ball motion
  • Leaves surface of polished balls extra-tacky for more backend hook
  • For use on plastic or high-performance bowling balls

  • Removes oil and dirt from ball surface
  • Helps retain ball motion
  • Works on plastic, urethane and reactive balls
Ebonite Premium Wrist Support Liner
Ebonite Utra Grip Tape - Black Smooth 3/4" & 1"
  • Ultra absorbent
  • Seamless wrist liner offers increased comfort
  • One size fits all






Your choice of size allows you to adjust the size of your gripping holes and create a smoother swing and release.
  • Reformulated adhesive ensures product won’t slip during competition, but is easy to remove
  • Double thickness reduces the number of pieces needed for proper fit
  • Smooth texture for clean exit
Ebonite Ultra Grip Tape - Textured White 3/4" & 1"
Ebonite Shoe Slider
Your choice of size allows you to adjust the size of your gripping holes and create a smoother swing and release.
  • Textured feel for enhanced grip
  • Allows you to create the perfect fit for your thumb and finger holes
  • Superior adhesive ensures tape won’t slip during use


Just slip them over the sliding soles of your shoes to increase foot slide on sticky approaches.
  • Napped flannel construction
  • Held in place by elastic retainer band
  • One size fits all
Ebonite Dry Dog Shoe Covers
Ebonite Perfect Patch
Guards soles against unseen floor spills and comes with easy on/easy off elastic openings.
  • Water repellent 420-denier nylon
  • Water repellent soles
  • Available in black
  • Sizes include small, medium, large, extra-large and extra-extra large


Flexible bandage protects thumb from abrasions and provides a clean thumb release.
  • Protects against blisters
  • Waterproof
  • Provides quick thumb release
Ebonite Ultra-Dry Grip Balls
Ebonite Ultra-Dry Rosin Bag
Round design fits the contour of your hand.
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Eliminates stickiness
  • Less friction


A must for bowlers with dry skin.
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Improves gripping power
  • Reusable carry pouch
Turbo Quads Finger Inserts (19 sizes)
Turbo Thumb Solids (Many Colors Available)



QUAD 4-N-1™ Inserts

  • Our multifunctional inserts are offered in several different style combinations.
  • Patented glue groove outside
  • Easy to read size indicators on the inside and outside of all multifunctional inserts
  • Durometer hardness: 40 Shore A
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • 19 sizes to choose from


Duo-Color Urethane Thumb Solids
Bowlers prefer our Urethane Solid over any other brand because of the consistent feel, smooth release and clean finish it has to offer. Pro shops prefer them because they are the easiest to cut, carve and finish. Solids are pre-sanded on the outside surface for easy install. Our Duo-Color Urethane Solids go a step further to help pro shops consolidate inventory while at the same time expand color selection. It just doesn't get any better!
Vise Finger Inserts
Turbo Switch Grip Adjustable System
Available in 24 Sizes!
All three vareties of the
"Ultimate Combinations"
are available in half sizes:

17/32, 35/64, 9/16,
37/64, 19/32, 39/64,
5/8, 41/64, 21/32, 43/64,
11/16, 45/64, 23/32, 47/64,
3/4, 49/64, 25/32, 51/64,
13/16, 53/64, 27/32, 55/64,
7/8, 57/64 and 29/32.

Twenty-five sizes in all three varieties in colors of neon, clear, yellow, white, pink, green, orange, blue, purple, black and red.




This revolutionary two-piece insert assembly allows bowlers to remove and interchange thumb inserts from one ball to another to achieve the same fit and feel in every shot. No more installing and removing tape. With just a simple "Twist & Click", bowlers can make a ball change using the same thumb, or better yet change thumb size due to shrinking or swelling! Bowl with confidence. Switch Grip™ will help you repeat shots no matter what ball you use. Switch Gri™p can also be used with custom thumb molds. Switch Gri™p is the most reliable and versatile interchangeable insert on the market.
Vise Oval Nubs Purple
Turbo Rev
11 Different Inserts
22 Different Sizes

37/64 & 19/32, 39/64 & 5/8, 41/64 & 21/32, 43/64 & 11/16, 45/64 & 23/32, 47/64 & 3/4, 49/64 & 25/32, 51/64 & 13/16, 53/64 & 27/32, 55/64 & 7/8, 57/64 & 29/32


  • Non-traditional finger insert
  • Worn on the index finger; more axis rotation
  • Worn on pinkie finger; reduce axis rotation
  • Re-sealable clamshell package for fitting
  • Protection from discomfort
  • Sizes - Sml,Med,Large,ELarge
Storm Thunder Tape Roll
Vise Pre-Cut Hada Patch (4 Textures)
  • Prevents Skin Irritation
  • Reduces Skin Tears and Blistering
  • Consistent Feel and Release
  • Apply Directly to Skin
  • Available in Black, Red, Blue
  • Apply to the back of your thumb
  • Gives you a clean & consistent release
  • Feels better on your hand than your own skin
Turbo Pre-Cut Fitting Tape 1" (25mm)
Turbo Fitting Tape Roll 1" (25mm)


Turbo's Popular Cotton Fitting Tapes in 30 pre-cut strips, featuring many Team Turbo staff members including PBA Champions Bill O’Neill and Johnny Petraglia. Easy application and no scissors required.

  • Item #PS-F22530 Beige
  • Item #PS-F12530 Purple
  • Item #PS-F32530 Mint
  • Driven to Bowl - Semi Smooth





Fitting Tape is a cloth tape specifically designed to modify release, ease grip tension and/or adjust hole size without making major changes to ball drilling.
  • F325 Fitting Tape Mint, Course texture. Thickest & most course.
  • F125 Fitting Tape Purple; Semi-smooth texture, loose weave.
  • F225 Fitting Tape Beige; smooth texture, tight weave.
  • DRIVEN TO BOWL Fitting Tape - Semi-smooth equivalant to the texture of the purple.
Vise Bio Skin Ultra Tape Roll 3" (75mm)
Vise Bio Skin Pro Tape Roll 3" (75mm)
  • Apply to finger and palm of
  • Tacky material that grips the ball
  • Gives you more lift &
    increases revolutions




  • Can be applied to fingers or around hand
  • Comes in Blue and Silver
    (Each Roll: 3" x 4.5')
  • Thin material that expands in two directions
  • Gives you more revolutions with a clean release
  • Prevents calluses and finger
  • Sweat Resistant

100% controlled and 100% assembled in the U.S.A. by Logo Infusion employees!

Limited number of shirts are in store all the time, these are stock jerseys available to us. Price is AUD$95.00 plain. If we need to order, it can take up to 6 - 8 weeks for shirt to be made and sent to us. Call or email me for styles that are available.

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