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New Releases

Storm Super SON!Q™- WWRD 8/3/19

NRG Hybrid Reactive

Core: Centripetal HD Core

We recently placed our NRG Hybrid formula on another Storm ball – the PhysiX™ - and the feedback has been phenomenal. Seeing how this coverstock would perform on a low RG symmetrical core piqued our curiosity, and we’re glad it did. The Super Son!Q bridges the gap between the Master™ line and the Premier™ line seamlessly. Expect this ball to be the perfect transition between the PhysiX and the Son!Q™.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

Storm Fever Pitch - WWRD 22/2/19

PWR+CTRL Urethane

Core: Tour Block™

The Fever Pitch is not as early as the Pitch Black™, but corners better than the Pitch Blue™ ever dreamt. We found the gap we needed to fill and we filled it. Hard. After extensive and thorough testing, we found the precise core dynamics that matched up flawlessly to this new and exciting cover: PWR+CTRL Urethane.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

Motiv Golden Jackal - WWRD 13/2/19

Hexion™ SE Reactive

Core: Predator™ V3 Asymmetric

The new Golden Jackal™ brings the legend of a pearl Jackal™ to life. Providing more length through the oil, the Golden Jackal™ displays an impressive backend motion. Never before has there been a Jackal™ with this kind of agility and speed!. The Golden Jackal™ features the latest Predator™ V3 asymmetric weight block to provide massive track flare potential and hooking power. This technology also produces a very low RG so the Golden Jackal™ is easier to rev, making it more forgiving on heavy oil patterns than higher RG balls that may slip past the proper transition point.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

Storm Crux Prime - WWRD 25/1/19

SPEC™ Solid Reactive

Core: Catalyst™

The design almost every Storm PBA tour player was demanding to be brought back. With the Catalyst Core, you, too, will bear witness to unprecedented power, increased entry angle, and a greater margin for error with its dynamic asymmetrical design and vertical cavity technology. The benefits of SPEC Solid Reactive can be truly appreciated on heavier conditions, especially when they begin to transition. When this coverstock encounters midlane friction, it digs in harder, unlike anything Storm has produced to date.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

Columbia Chaos - WWRD 15/1/19

Cover: Exciter Hybrid

Core: Chaos

At Columbia 300, we like to live on the wild side. Bright colors on balls that hook off the lane and cause devastation to the pins. And this one is no different. Create some Chaos on medium to heavy oil conditions with an aggressive mid lane and continuous backend reaction. The Chaos core is a very low RG symmetric core with very high differential. You can expect the Chaos core to rev up very quickly in the mid lane. Exciter is the same coverstock we put in our High Performance Savage line. You can expect aggressive mid lane traction from the Exciter Hybrid finished at 500/2000 Abralon, along with a big continuous down lane motion.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

Hammer Flawless - WWRD 15/1/19

Juiced Pearl

Core: 40 Watt (Symmetrical)

Flawless from core to cover, this baby shines bright like a diamond. Hammer's newest release will be sure to turn heads! Juiced Pearl is an extremely responsive coverstock first used on the Rebel Yell. Combined with a 500/1000 polished finish, you can expect good length with a strong backend motion from the Flawless. The 40 Watt core was named after its light bulb shape and differential in the forties. You can expect medium flare potential from this core.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

Ebonite Choice Pearl - WWRD 15/1/19 + BONUS OFFER

Cover: GSV-1 Pearl

Core: MOD-1 Asymmetric

Mod-1 and GSV-1 Pearl have teamed up to bring you the Choice Pearl. Its great color pales in comparison only to its incredible performance. With easy length through the front of the lane on medium to heavy oil conditions, Choice Pearl will see friction and flip hard downlane with explosive pin action. Bonus offer - each customer who purchases the Ebonite Choice Pearl ball will receive 1 year subscription of Bowlers Journal (online subscription). Instructions are a sticker attached to the box, they will need to go onto the link HERE and click on INTERNATIONAL then will lead them to a page where they can enter the serial number of the ball.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

Track Precision Solid - WWRD 15/1/19

Prime Solid

Core: Precision SD (Single Density) Asymmetrical

At Track, it's all about precision. Our engineers meticulously design every ball from the inside out. Track's new Precision Solid is designed to give incredible traction in the mid lane and motion down lane in the heaviest of oils. Track's new Prime coverstock advances the technology started in the original Paradox with the QR series.This new technology creates a more consistent and uniform grip on the lane compared to its predecessor.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

Motiv Forge - WWRD 14/1/19

Coercion™ HFS Reactive

Core: Detonator™ Symmetrical

The all new Forge™ is the strongest symmetrical ball ever created by MOTIV®. Born from the fires of the Revolt™, the Forge™ is built for a smooth motion on medium-heavy oil conditions. Creating impressive control and outstanding continuation, casual bowlers will love the massive hook potential and competitive bowlers will appreciate the control. The brand new Detonator™ weight block provides a low RG and high differential to create easy revs and massive amounts of flare. Reverb™ outer core material surrounds the new Detonator™ core to provide explosive hitting power.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

Brunswick Kingpin Rule - WWRD 8/1/19

ECA-XR Solid Reactive

Core: Kingpin Ultra Low RG Asymmetrical

The Kingpin Rule combines the Kingpin Ultra Low RG w/DynamiCore and our popular ECA-XR solid reactive coverstock. With this combo the Kingpin Rule is the perfect weapon for heavy oil, producing more hook and backend combined with amazing pin carry. The new Kingpin Rule will have you ruling not only over the pins but your competition as well!

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

Brunswick Cutting Edge Pearl - WWRD 8/1/19

3C Pearl Reactive

Core: Cutting Edge Low RG Symmetrical

The Cutting Edge Pearl takes our popular Cutting Edge Low RG Symmetric Core and wraps it around our new 3C Pearl Reactive Cover. The Cutting Edge Pearl will provide easy length and a sharp break point making it a great choice for when the oil pattern breaks down or bowlers with slower speeds.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

Radical Katana Legend - WWRD 8/1/19

Forged + Pearl Reactive

Core: Katana Asymmetric

The Katana Legend features the same very strong and angular Katana core but has a new look and cover, the Forged + Pearl cover makes the Katana Legend even more responsive down lane and the vibrant color combination will surely get everyone’s attention. The success of the Katana line is totally performance driven and the Katana Legend reinforces that performance.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

Radical Squatch - WWRD 8/1/19

Ai-39 Pearl Reactive

Core: Yeti Symmetric

The Squatch brings an old success back with a new look. We have taken the Yeti core and wrapped it in our new Ai-39 cover making this symmetrical core even more dynamic. As you remember the Yeti line was a big hit for the Radical brand and the Squatch will surely continue with that success. The Squatch is one of the most attractive balls we have every made, this color, core and cover combo is a sure winner.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

900Global Space Time Continuum™ - WWRD 4/1/19

S71™ Re-Loaded Pearl

Core: Sphericon™ LD Asymmetric

The Space Time Continuum™ features an ALL NEW Coverstock concept combined with a tweak of the core found in the Continuum™. The S71™ Re-Loaded Coverstock uses the base formula found on the popular Honey Badger™ It features enhanced polymerization of the molecular structure. This will significantly increase the overall backend motion of the ball. The Sphericon™ LD Asymmetric Core features the same shape as the Ellipticon™ core found in the Continuum. The density has been altered to yield a higher RG and lower differential. This will cause the ball to conserve more energy for the backend part of the lane. Use the Space Time Continuum™ on medium to medium-heavy oiled lane conditions.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

900Global EON™ Infinite - WWRD 4/1/19

S71™ Re-Loaded Hybrid

Core: Olloid™ Symmetric

The ALL NEW Eon™ Infinite features a brand new coverstock concept combined with the same great core found in the original Eon™. The S71™ Re-Loaded coverstock utilizes the same base formulation as the popular Badger™. However, the molecular structure of the resin has been enhanced and optimized to increase backend motion on heavier oil patterns. The Oloid™ Symmetric Core features two congruent circles merged in perpendicular planes. This design causes a meandering effect on the center of gravity thus giving the ball more length. This added length allows the core to maintain it’s energy longer resulting in greater down lane hook potential.
Use the Eon™ Infinite on heavy to medium-heavy lane conditions.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

900Global White Hot Badger™ - WWRD 4/1/19

S71™ Pearl

Core: Lacerate™ Symmetric

The ALL NEW White Hot Badger™ is the symmetric compliment to the follow up to the popular Badger™. The White Hot Badger offers the most skid/flip reaction within the 900 Global symmetric line. The Lacerate­­™ core will provide easy length through the heads combined with maximum torque at the breakpoint. Expect to see a quick change of direction. This core also features a true two-piece design. Pure cover meets ferocious core!! Use the Badger™ on medium lane conditions where a quick change of direction downlane is desired.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

Roto Grip Idol Pearl - WWRD 23/11/18

Cover: eTrax-P18™

Core: Ikon™ Core (Symmetrical)

Hands down, this is the best pearlized ball we have ever created in the HP3 line to date. Between the core and cover, this ball will take down almost any condition you want to throw it on. Ideal for those Medium to Medium/Heavy conditions with some friction visible, this ball provides superb performance from almost any angle on the lane. And just like any pearl ball, it can be sanded to battle a bit more oil if need be.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

Roto Grip Winner Solid - WWRD 23/11/18

Cover: VTC-S18™

Core: Altered Hotshot™ Core (Symmetrical)

This ball will excel on a little bit more oil for sure. Compared to the original Show Off™, the new Winner Solid will clear the front of the lane just a bit easier, yet will provide plenty of backend motion for a solid coverstock ball. I mean how can you go wrong with a ball named after what you are trying accomplish? Because we all know, winning never gets old!

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

Hammer Web - WWRD 14/11/18

Aggression Hybrid

Core: Spheroid ( Symmetrical)

The WEB features the Aggression Hybrid coverstock and the extremely successful Spheroid core. Web is designed to pick up strong in the mid lane, give a heavy roll off the back end of the pattern and is best suited for medium to heavy oil conditions. If you get caught in this Web, you're guaranteed to strike.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

Hammer Web Tour Edition - WWRD 14/11/18

TourV1 Solid

Core: Spheroid TE ( Symmetrical)

The Web Tour Edition features a brand new coverstock called TourV1. The TourV1 has been in the works for quite some time now. It has been tested by countless bowlers on a variety of conditions and after many tweaks and modifications, we feel it has finally been perfected. TourV1 is the most forgiving coverstock Hammer has ever released. We wrapped it around the Spheroid core which has been modified to flare less and create a more controllable overall shape.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

Motiv Villain Scorn - WWRD 14/11/18

Cover: Hexion SE Reactive

Core: Sinister

The new Villain™ Scorn is just plain vicious. This asymmetric pearl turns heads and turns sideways on the back of the lane! Engineered for medium-heavy oil, it offers powerful core dynamics and the latest innovation in angular cover technology from MOTIV®. Tuned with a 5000 Grit LSP finish, the pearl Villain™ Scorn features the latest Hexion™ SE Reactive cover technology. This Strength Enhanced (SE) Hexion™ shell provides great length with a fast and deliberate response to friction at the backend of the lane.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

Motiv T10 Limited Edition - WWRD 14/11/18

Cover: Coercion™ MFS Reactive

Core: Thrust™

The MOTIV brand is celebrating its 10 year anniversary with the release of the Limited Edition Solid Black T10. For this special occasion, we brought back the original Thrust core and retro NeoMark™ graphics, yet upgraded the cover stock with new technology. The Limited Edition T10 provides both versatility and control for the modern environment with the retro look of MOTIV’s first ball introductions. This is a really special piece. The cover on the Limited Edition T10 is Coercion MFS (Medium Friction Solid) Reactive, which is engineered for medium oil. Tuned with a 3000 Grit LSS finish, the moderately smooth T10 provides reasonable length and a powerful yet controllable down lane motion.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

Columbia Spoiler Alert - WWRD 13/11/18

Cover: Reflex Pearl

Core: Spoiler

Spoiler Alert!!!!!! This ball strikes a lot! If you are looking for a polished ball that gets through the front with ease and changes direction hard on the backend on medium oil conditions, look no further than the new Columbia 300 Spoiler Alert.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

Ebonite Impact - WWRD 13/11/18

Cover: GSV-1 Hybrid

Core: CB-2 Asymmetric

Hitting hard has never looked so good. Ebonite brings you the new Impact to the High Performance category. Impact will get down the lane with ease before making a big move on the backend. Move inside on any medium to heavy oil condition and watch the CB-2 asymmetric core and GSV-1 Hybrid coverstock make the pins brace for Impact. They won't know what hit em'.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

Brunswick Vapor Zone - WWRD 13/11/18

Activator Plus 2.0

Core: Zone Asymmetric

The Vapor Zone is back! Combining Activator Plus 2.0 coverstock wrapped around the proven Zone Asymmetrical core with DynamiCore created the Vapor Zone motion that bowlers loved on today’s slicker oils. The Vapor Zone will provide easy length and strong backend motion with pin carry that will vaporize the competition.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

900Global Respect - WWRD 13/11/18

79 Alert™ Hybrid

Core: Tetra™ Symmetric

We took the high flaring Tetra™ Symmetric core and wrapped it with our newest coverstock development, the 79 Alert™ Hybrid. This coverstock has a uniquely enhanced surface topography that provides a ton of friction in the later midlane and break point. The Respect™ will allow you to play a deeper inside line, swinging as much of the lane as you want and saving more energy for a strong finish at the pins. Use the Respect™ on Medium-Heavy lane conditions.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

DV8 Pitbull Bark - WWRD 30/10/18

Composite Fang Max

Core: Pitbull Low RG Asymmetric - DynamiCore

The Pitbull Bark features the innovative outer core technology called DynamiCore. This industry-leading technology is a more durable outer material that yields less compression upon impact increasing hitting power and creating an undeniable difference in sound and pin carry. Maximum Hook for Heavy oil.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

DV8 Poison - WWRD 30/10/18


Core: Toxicity

The Poison has been designed with 3.5 times more coverstock for improved durability, performance longevity, and incredible hitting power. The enhanced Coefficient of Restitution results in the pins flying faster for greater pin action and more strikes. All Purpose with Strong Backend . Ideal for medium to heavy oil lane conditions.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

Brunswick Tenacity Grit - WWRD 30/10/18

URG (Ultra Responsive Grit)

Core: Tenacity Low RG

The Tenacity Grit combines our URG coverstock with our Tenacity Low RG asymmetrical core that combines power and versatility all in one ball. The Tenacity Grit will be valued by league bowlers and tournament players for it’s strong mid-lane and powerful backend. The Tenacity Grit will produce strong mid-lane motion and backend with outstanding pin carry on medium oily lane conditions.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

Brunswick Fearless - WWRD 30/10/18


Core: Contra (Featuring DOT)

The Fearless will turn the bowling world upside down! The Contra core is the first to feature Durability Optimization Technology (DOT) – a patent-pending technology that creates an unrestricted drill area. The Fearless will produce easy length, relentless backend motion and outstanding pin carry on medium oily lane conditions.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

Radical Conspiracy - WWRD 30/10/18

Forged 2 Solid

Core: Asymmetric

While there has been plenty of talk about the release of the new ball specifications, Radical is responding quickly with a little Conspiracy of our own that combines a new asymmetric core shape matched with the Forged 2 Solid cover. The result is more boards of total hook with amazing continuation and plenty of entry angle.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

Radical Sizzle - WWRD 30/10/18


Core: Symmetric

The Sizzle brings a new symmetrical core to the Radical family, and combined with our new Ai-38 coverstock, the Sizzle yields a length with the strong down-lane motion that league bowlers demand. Of course, the colors are truly head turning as well, and since it is in our Reliable price point, the Sizzle is the perfect combination to heat up the sales.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

Storm Physix - WWRD 19/10/18

NRG™ Hybrid Reactive

Core: Atomic™ Core

The development of the new PhysiX has been a sprawling process that has spanned several years. Dialing in the precise dynamics of a shape that is iconic to the Storm brand was our ambition, and the PhysiX became our destination. Yes, it officially boasts a 0.053 total differential in a 15 pound ball, and the rest of its prodigious oomph accepts credit from the strategically placed inlets surrounding the oval bolt and greater mass displacement along the z-axis creating an enhanced intermediate differential. With extreme amounts of power and dynamics, the PhysiX almost feels like cheating.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

Storm Hy-Road X - WWRD 19/10/18

R2X™ Solid Reactive

Core: Inverted Fe² Technology™

This year marks the tenth year the Hy-Road entered the fray with some grand stories to tell. This franchise is the baseline weapon providing easy access to both power and reaction, ideal for the modern game. The unique manufacturing process that’s applied at the beginning of every Hy-Road X’s life is often imitated, but never duplicated. Look inside and you’ll see a player-preferred shape that inspires confidence. Join us in celebrating the most beloved ball in Storm’s - and perhaps the world’s - history with the Hy-Road X.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

Track Paradox V - WWRD 16/10/18

Prime Pearl

Core: I-Core 2.0 (Dual Density)

This Paradox is the fifth iteration of the Paradox line, thus Paradox V (5). We wanted to take the strongest pearl coverstock we currently have and wrap it around our most popular core to complement the Paradox Black on medium to heavy oil conditions. Track’s new Prime coverstock advances the technology started in the original Paradox with the QR series.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

Track Tundra Solid - WWRD 16/10/18

QR-4 Solid

Core: Track Symmetric

When the lanes are on fire, put them on ice by pulling out the new Tundra Solid. This core/cover combination will provide ultimate control when you need it most. Whether you are bowling on old wood lanes, lighter volume oil patterns, or on lanes that just flat out hook, the Tundra Solid is the ideal ball for you.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

Hammer Rip'd Pearl - WWRD 16/10/18

Aggression Pearl CFI

Core: Asymmetrical

When we released the Rip’D and Rip’D solid, they were instant successes. Naturally, for the 3rd ball in the line, we wanted to create a ball that combined the best qualities from each of the first two. With the Aggression Pearl CFI Coverstock and three-step 3000 grit finish, this Rip’D will get through the front of the lane with ease, still read the mid-lane and give a strong backend motion.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

Motiv Trident Abyss - WWRD 3/10/18

Cover: Coercion HV3 Reactive

Core: Turbulent

Prepare to conquer the deep with the Trident Abyss. Merging the Turbulent asymmetric core and a modified Coercion cover, this is the strongest ball ever made by MOTIV® and it is built to dominate in a flood of oil. Beneath the surface of the Trident Abyss is the Turbulent weight block. It provides a lower RG, high differential, and strong asymmetry. This combination creates maximum track flare to make the turn in deep oil.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

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