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Zone Bowling Boronia
125 Boronia Road, Boronia,
Vic, 3155

Phone: (03) 9762-7666

Email: Bowlers World

Melbourne - Australia GMT+1100
Daylight Saving Time - Oct - March

Monday 10am - 7pm
(Every Second Week)

Tuesday 10am - 7pm

Wednesday - Friday 10am - 7pm

Saturday 9am - 2pm.
(Every Second Week)



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AMF   AMF uses a numeric rating system designed to differentiate our coverstock strengths. F10 least aggressive - F90 most aggressive. Note: Core dynamics must be taken into account with shell strength when selecting equipment.
Sumo SE

Cover: F80™ Solid Reactive

Core: Symmetric Core

Vintage AMF takes the next step in performance in a big way!! The Sumo SE will deliver big hook and bone crushing power. The F80 Solid coverstock will grip the lane without hesitation. Use the Sumo with confidence on medium to heavy oil conditions.

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Ninja Pearl SE

Cover: F70™ Pearl Reactive

Core: Symmetric

Ninja Pearl SE is the compliment to the original Ninja SE as the lanes transition and breakdown. Look for the Ninja Pearl SE to be cleaner in the front of the lane, storing energy to create a pronounced motion off the friction at the breakpoint. The pearl F70 shell is going to handle most medium lane conditions, or medium heavy conditions as the lanes open up and transition. Start with the original Ninja SE and then finish them off with the Ninja Pearl SE.

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Great Escape

Cover: F80™ Solid Reactive

Core: CFT™ Asymmetric Core

The Great Escape™ provides the next evolution in the Escape™ series. The Great Escape features the Continuous Flow Technology™ core known for producing a strong mid-lane read, but with its more aggressive F80 solid coverstock and NEAT “E” 1,500 grit finish the Great Escape will handle higher volumes of oil.

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Cover: F74™ Hybrid Reactive

Core: CFT™ Asymmetric Core

The Escape was designed to provide a strong midlane read and continuation down lane. To do this our designers wrapped the Continuous Flow Technology™ core CFT in an F74 hybrid shell. They then finished the shell off with the NEAT "T" 4,000 grit finish, providing amble strength for heavy to medium heavy conditions. The Escape will handle higher volumes of oil than the Unreal™ and provide more midlane motion than the Pure™.

[More Information]
Nighthawk Stealth SE

Cover: F78™ Solid Reactive

Core: Symmetric Core

In the Night Hawk Stealth™ SE we took everyone's favorite Power Ring™ Core and wrapped it in the F78™ shell to provide all the lane hugging power needed on even the wettest of conditions. The Night Hawk Stealth SE provides that patented Night Hawk look and motion down lane. Expect to see a smooth control arc at the breakpoint, while the F78 shell will allow you to bite off more of the oil than previous Night Hawks.

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Ninja SE

Cover: F70™ Purple Solid Reactive

Core: Symmetric

It’s back and you never even saw it coming!

The Ninja SE is back with a vengeance, and ready to inflict damage on whatever stands in its way. The second introduction into the AMF Vintage line the Ninja SE is going to provide a stronger motion at the breakpoint with more continuation when compared to the Night Hawk SE. The Ninja SE F70 coverstock finished with the NEAT “T” 4,000 grit finish will handle higher volumes of oil than the Night Hawk SE. The Ninja SE fits into the AMF lineup between Night Hawk SE and Escape, by providing more entry angle, with more overall hook than the Night Hawk SE and less than the Escape.

[More Information]

Night Hawk SE

Cover: F55™ Hybrid

Core: Power Ring™ Symmetric

We love bowling as much as you do, and like most people we've got our All-Time favorites tucked away for special occassions...That's our inspiration for the new Night Hawk Speical Edition; take a ball reaction from the past everyone loved and give it that Special Edition touch to match today's lane conditions.

With an updated coverstock, sharp looking black hybrid color and NEAT "T" Pad finish, the Night Hawk SE is going to provide that controlled and predictable motion off the spot that every competive bowler needs. This isn't your dad's Night Hawk, but it will certainly make him feel nestalgic.

[ More Information ]


Cover: F43™Pearl Coverstock

Core: Symmetric

Great looks and better performance - that's the vision behind the new Xcite line from AMF300.

The higher RG symmetric core helps provide length on drier lane conditions...and lets face it, they Will get dry! The Xcite's moderate differential matched with a pearlized F43 polished coverstock will create a pronounced and well defined motion at the breakpoint. Ready to add a little Xcitement to your game? Choose between an eye-opening Orange/Pink or super cool Blue/Gold.

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