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Cover: ERT Hybrid

Core: Big Time Asymmetric

Baller, by Columbia 300, brings new technology to the brand from inside and out. The combination of the uniquely designed Big Time core and ERT Hybrid coverstock produces unseen hook potential. Take your game to the next level with the Baller.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

Savage Life

Cover: Exciter Pearl

Core: Savage

The Savage core is a low RG, high diff core with a high mass bias. If you're looking for a new pearl ball with a ton of engine, the Savage Life is for you. Exciter Solid was extremely successful on the Savage and made a lot of our touring professionals' arsenals. The new Savage Life, with its Exciter Pearl cover finished at 500/1000 Abralon and Factory Finish Polish, will be the perfect step down from its predecessor and gives you a Savage 1-2 punch.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]


Cover: Exciter Solid

Core: Savage

The ALL NEW Savage is made up of Columbia 300's new Exciter Solid coverstock and Savage core. Designed to give you incredible midlane traction and mind blowing back end continuation, this Savage combination is too good for even the heaviest of oil.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

Chaos Black

Cover: Exciter Solid

Core: Chaos

At Columbia 300, we like to live on the wild side. Typically we like to wow our customers with flashy colors and performance that matches. When we create a ball like the Chaos Black that makes a head turning change direction at the breakpoint, toning down the color scheme is a must to keep some sense of order. Exciter is the same coverstock we put on our High Performance Savage line. The inherent nature of this coverstock is to be very aggressive in the midlane. The factory polished finish takes what is normally an aggressive midlane reaction and turns it into a very responsive motion at the breakpoint.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]


Cover: Exciter Hybrid

Core: Chaos

At Columbia 300, we like to live on the wild side. Bright colors on balls that hook off the lane and cause devastation to the pins. And this one is no different. Create some Chaos on medium to heavy oil conditions with an aggressive mid lane and continuous backend reaction. The Chaos core is a very low RG symmetric core with very high differential. You can expect the Chaos core to rev up very quickly in the mid lane. Exciter is the same coverstock we put in our High Performance Savage line. You can expect aggressive mid lane traction from the Exciter Hybrid finished at 500/2000 Abralon, along with a big continuous down lane motion.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]


Reflex Hybrid

Core: Resurgence Symmetric

It's Back And Better Than Ever!
Resurgence was Columbia 300's first High-Performance release under the EBI umbrella. This strong symmetric piece soon became a staple in many top bowlers' arsenals around the world. In an era where retro is more popular than ever, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to bring back the best benchmark ball of all time.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

Spoiler Alert

Cover: Reflex Pearl

Core: Spoiler

Spoiler Alert!!!!!! This ball strikes a lot! If you are looking for a polished ball that gets through the front with ease and changes direction hard on the backend on medium oil conditions, look no further than the new Columbia 300 Spoiler Alert.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]


Cover: Bend-It

Core: Beast

Columbia 300 is bringing back the Beast line with some great new colors. All Beasts will feature a brand new light bulb shaped weight block, just like the original. This Beast core also comes wrapped with our patent pending Hypershock Technology. Colours: Blue/Black/White, Cherry/Gold/White, Purple/Lime/Silver, Purple Sparkle.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]


Cover: Super Flex

Core: Messenger

Columbia 300 is bringing back the Messenger line with some great new colors. All Messenger balls will feature a brand new weight block wrapped with our patent pending Hypershock Technology.

[More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website]

Blue Dot - Polyester

At Columbia 300, we are bringing back a classic old school polyester ball, the Blue Dot. We have taken the characteristics of the original Blue Dot by making this ball harder than our current White Dot series while including a special additive to reduce cracking. The harder polyester cover allows for the slickest performance on the driest lane conditions, making it a perfect spare ball for any level bowler.

Core: Pancake core, available in Silver and weights from 12lb - 16lbs

[ More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website ]

White Dot - Polyester

The White Dot is the most popular polyester ball in history because of its consistent durability and colour. Whether you’re a youth bowler or a beginner, or an experienced bowler who needs to pick up some spares, Columbia 300 has a White Dot that will fit your personality and improve your game.

Core: Standard Pancake/Puddle shaped core, available in several pearl colour choices and weights from 6lb - 15lbs

Available colours - Always new colours being released each year, check out the Columbia website for the latest.

[ More Information - Visit Manufacturer Website ]

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